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Ceramic Coating

Automotive enthusiasts always want to maintain the glow and sleekness of the premium quality paint on their vehicle. And in order to achieve it they look for ways to protect it from from mud, dirt, sun exposure, bird droppings and chemicals. And this requirement was addressed by Ceramic coating . Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer based product made up of silica. This silica-based liquid polymer is applied by hand and cures to form a protective layer that, when properly maintained, can be effective for several years.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

Protection against sun UV rays, chemicals
Chemical stain prevention
lasts longer
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Paint Protection Film

The modern-day automotive paint protection film is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film.These films are installed after a car wash and help in protecting your vehicle from dirt and contaminants. It also helps in reducing glare on windows and windscreens of vehicles. These films are durable, and resistant to water damage, UV damage, and scratching. Paints protection film reduces the maintenance cost of vehicles because it can last up to 7 years or more as compared to traditional car paints which need constant polishing and washing.

Benefits Of PPF

Windshield Protection
Invisible protection
Damage Prone Area ( Safeguard the most exposed areas of your vehicle like the bonnet, bumper, fenders, rearview mirrors & the rocker panels)
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Teflon Coating

Teflon coating is done on the surface of the car and is a treatment that is recommended to ensure the longevity of car paint. It makes the care look pristine and other than that, it gives the panel a glossy and shiny surface. This coating forms a protective layer over the car surface and protects the original paint finish to come in contact with heat, water, and harsh weather conditions. A proper coat of Teflon is usually 0.2 microns thick and can last upto 6 to 8 months. Even more, if taken care.

Benefits Of Teflon Coating

The coating provides protection against rust and scratches and enhances gloss
Improves Resale Value
Teflon coating can last upto 6 to 8 months
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Engine Dressing

Engine Dressings safely restore and protect engine bays to give them that factory fresh look. A good quality engine dressing will leave a non greasy finish that is formulated to enhance and protect rubber, plastic & vinyl surfaces.

Benefits Of Engine Dressing

Protects Plastic Parts
Helps Identify Leaks
Prevention from rusting
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Interior Upholstery Cleaning

Ensuring your vehicle's interior stays clean and pristine is crucial. Include leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics and natural fibers. The interiors of your car are safely cleaned with a microfiber and the dashboard is also polished. And with an upholstery machine that soaks and vacuums up the cleaning chemical.

Benefits Of Interior Upholstery Cleaning

Removal of allergens, dust, dirt, grime, and more
Increase the lifespan
A clean car is healthier for you
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One Step Polish

One Step Polishing Compound delivers a mirror shine with durable protection in one step. The advanced polish is formulated using diminishing abrasive technology. The innovative abrasives cut fast to quickly remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation, then finish like a fine polish to create a wet mirror finish on all painted surfaces.

Benefits Of One Step Polish

Quickly removes swirls, scratches and oxidation making the surface like freshly painted new
Generates deep gloss
Creates barrier that protects paint from UV rays and surface contaminants
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Exterior Wash

Exterior Washing your car often can remove harmful debris and reduce the chance of your car rusting.

Benefits Of Exterior Wash

Protect your vehicle from grime, mud, bird droppings, road salt
Keep the value of the vehicle
Increased safety
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Carto Shop

Carto Shop is a listing website is an online platform where businesses can showcase their products or services to potential customers. These websites typically include detailed descriptions, images, and sometimes videos of the products or services offered. Customers can browse through the listings, compare different options, and make purchases directly through the website. Businesses benefit from increased visibility and reach, while customers enjoy the convenience of easily finding and purchasing products or services they need. Product listing websites often feature search and filter functionalities to help users narrow down their choices and find exactly what they're looking for.

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Carto Cab

Carto Cab is a platform that enables users to request and schedule taxi rides conveniently. Users can input their location, destination, and desired pickup time through the app. The system then connects them with nearby available taxis and provides estimated arrival times and fares. Users can track their assigned taxi in real-time, communicate with the driver, and make payments electronically. This system streamlines the process of hailing taxis, improves efficiency for both passengers and drivers, and enhances overall convenience and safety in urban transportation.

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